How to Make AI Animated Videos for free

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If you are looking the best and simple process to create animated vidoes with the help of ai then you will find the answer in this post because in this post I will share the detailed guide to make ai animated video for free.

After creating the video you can use that video to make money online or you can sell that videos to make money online. so let’s get started to process to make animated videos with the help of free ai tools.

Proces to make videos

If you create vidoe then you need to follow these steps, the following steps are neccessary if you want to create any kind of video including ai generated video or human generated vidoes.

  1. Scripting
  2. Generate Images
  3. Make Animated Videos from Images.
  4. Voiceover
  5. Editing

Scripting With Ai

Your video script depend on the type of video you wan to create. IN this toturial I want to create caartoon video so I need to create Cartoon stories. You can generate the cartoon stories yourself or you can use the AI tool called Ai story Generator.

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image 92

here you can generate stories as you want. you only need to enter story title or you can also enter ea simple word like bird, girl, Motivational etc.,

image 93

After generating the story you can simply copy that story.

Generate Images With Ai

After creating story you need to copy that story and then visit to the chatgpt and paste the story with the following prompt.

write the prompts for each line to generate the images of the journey of the story - {{Paste the story}}
image 94

Now, you can create images using the generated prompts.

To create Images you can use the leonardo ai.

image 95

Complete the signup process and then click on the AI Image Generation.

image 96

Copy the first prompt from chatgpt and paste it into the box. and click on Generate

image 97

Wait some time and it will generate the images. simply download the image.

And the repeat the process with second prompt. like copy the prompt, paste into the box and the click on generate and do the same with remaning prompts.

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Make Animated Videos from Images.

When you completed the process of generating the images, then you need to make that images animated. to animate the images you need to use an other ai tool called runway ml.

Create you account at runway and then click on start with Image.

image 98

Now Click on upload the image and select the images you have generated. and click on Generate 4s.

Wait some time and it will generate the video from the image.

image 99

After completing the process you need to download the video.

Ai Voiceover

If you want to generate ai voiceover then you can use ai otherwise you can self create the voiceover.

to create ai voiceover you need to visit the website called elevenlabs.

image 100

Create the account on elevenlabs and then simply select ai voice as you want from setting section.

and then paste the story into the text section. click on generate option. wait some time and it will generate the ai voice. click on download and your ai voice will be downlaoded.

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this is the complet process to create everything with the help of ai.

The remaning part is editing. so you need to complete editing with capcut and your ai video will complete.

Simply export the video into desired format.

Now play the video and upload the video into the different platfroms like youtube, facebook and other platform and start making money online.