Character AI Guide, Tips and Tricks [June 2023]

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As we know there are a lot of Ai launching day by day and all of them have a different a unique quality. and it can be confusing for newcomers to know where to start. And which tool is suitable for there requirement. when it come to AI art world the confusion on it’s top because there are a lot of ai art generator and most of them are Similarity. 

I have been using Character AI for about one month and I have enough knowledge about Character AI. so, in this tutorial i will cover some basics and some advance features of the Character AI.

What is Character AI is a neural language [NL] model chatbot that work as a web application can generate human-like text responses and participate in contextual conversation like human. you can chat with character ai as a specific human. will respond according to the specific Character that you select for chat. we can talk with ai character that can remember our previous conversation [stored as a cache data].

How to use Character AI

if you want to use the Character AI then you should follow these steps. Character AI have different kind of features so you need to know that what you exactly want from Character AI. character ai is currently in beta face so that may be paid after launching the full version.

firstly you need to setup Character AI according to your requirement.

  • Step 1 – Visit to 
  • Click on Sign up [Top right corner].
Character AI Guide, Tips and Tricks [June 2023]
  • Select your convenient method to sign up.
  • Enter Username and Accept the policies.
  • click on join Character!. that’s it.

Things that you can do at

As the name says that means this ai is related to characters. we can use that character as a daily life character. let’s take a look that how do the things and what they can do.

  1. Chat with the Ai
  2. Generate custom character.
  3. Explore new Character.
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At the home page of you can see a lot of character and you can also generate your own character by using create section. if you select any character then there is a new window appear like a chatting window. you can chat with ai character using this feature.

if you want to explore new Character that created on Character ai then you can tab on community section here you can explore a lot of ai Character that created on Character AI.

How to create Character on Character AI

You can create your own Character on Character AI but you need to follow some steps that can help you to create a meaningful Character. let’s take a look how to create a character on Character AI with example.

Firstly login to your Character AI account and click on [+] Create.

image 102 edited

Step 1.Create a Welcome massage!

Welcome massage will create a significant impact on your Character’s behavior. so you need to understand that Welcome massage is play an important role to user. 

image 103 edited

Greeting means What would the character say to introduce themselves?
For example,

Character Name : Amelia Anderson And she is an archaeologist

Greeting: “Greetings! I am Amelia Anderson, an explorer of the ancient world. My passion lies in unearthing the secrets of forgotten civilizations and unraveling the mysteries of the past. With my trusty trowel in hand, I dive into the depths of history, uncovering artifacts and piecing together stories long lost in the sands of time. It’s an honor to share my adventures with you!”

If you want to give direct instructions to AI then you can use parentheses (). that can help your character to Improve In roleplaying.

Complete Virtual appearance

Enter the name of your character and then write down the greeting massage for improve the conversation quality. you can name your AI character as you want like Mukesh, Devid, Ai Robot.

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After inserting the name write the greeting massage according to your character behavior’s. if your character is scientist then write greeting the way of science.

third option is about toggle image Generation – here you can select that your character will able to generate image As image generator ai tools.

The last option for virtual appearance is that your character will available publicly or not. if you want to use your character for your own use than you can make it private and if you want that your AI character will available publicly then you can do it too!.

Character Physical Appearance

after completing the virtual appearance you can create the physical appearance of you ai character.  there are two option available to customize the character.

  1. Upload your own picture.
  2. Generate an AI image.

For the first option you choose the image from your system and upload, it will automatically optimize your image into Ai Avatar. and you can skip the following part.

And if you want to adjust the physical appearance of your ai character in a different way then you can follow these steps. To change the physical appearance of your AI character you need to click on Edit Details (Advanced).

And if you want to adjust the physical appearance of your ai character in a different way then you can follow these steps. To change the physical appearance of your AI character you need to click on Edit Details (Advanced).

There are a lot of customization available to change the appearance of your character. here are some useful tips that can increase the physical appearance of your Ai character. you need to fill these details in description section.

when you click on Edit details there are a lot of option available to edit the character.

  • Categories.
  • Character Voice
  • Tips on Defining a Character
  • Image Generation
  • Visibility
  •  Definition (Advanced)

The most important part that affect your AI character is last one Definition (Advanced). here you need to define your character, before define your character you need to remember these things in mind.

Example conversations and information to define your Character. The first 15-30 messages are the most important

Tips on Defining a Character

Getting started defining a character is easy, but there are some hints as you try to refine the experience. here is an example how to write description and example conversation. 

You can use the placeholders {{user}} and {{char}} as placeholders

like this – 

{{user}}: What’s your favorite sport?
{{char}}: Hi {{user}}! I’m a big fan of basketball. I love watching and playing the game.

You can also introduce additional people in your examples.

narrator: You and {{char}} will be competing in a basketball match together.
{{char}}: Alright, what are the rules?
narrator: First, let’s decide on the number of players and the duration of the game.

You can include image generation in your characters.

{{char}}: basketball court with cheering crowd You step onto the court, ready to play.
{{user}}: I dribble the ball and go for a layup!
{{char}}: opponent leaping to block An opponent jumps to block your shot!

Keep in mind words said by {{user}} in examples will be as if the user has said those things, even though they won’t appear in the chat. You can also use something like {{random_user_1}} or actual names in definitions to provide examples.

Importantly, keep experimenting by cycling between definition and talking to your character!

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Now, click on create and Chat. you AI character is ready.


Conclusion is still in beta phase but the output is ultimate. you can talk to any kind of human. the can replicate anyone’s behavior. if you know how to create a best ai character according to your requirement then you can easily increase your productivity. 

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