Harpa Ai tutorial | Advance Usage of Harpa AI 2023

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Are you looking for the best AI tool that use advance command of ChatGPT and provide the relevant result then you are on the right place. HARPA is AI-powered ChatGPT Chrome Extension that allows you to scan a website or scan any kind of online platform and give you the relevant result. In this tutorial you can learn how to use harpa AI in advance way.

What is Harpa Ai.

Harpa Ai is a ChatGPt integrated chrome extension that can monitor a website content and suggest the possible update. you can scan any website and extract the error and much more using the Harpa AI.

Harpa Ai have a lot of features, you can start an AI Drop servicing business using harpa Ai.

Advance Features Of harpa AI.

harpa ai basically advance version of chatgpt, the backend of harpa ai using Chatgpt to respond our quires. harpa ai have integrated the advance prompt into there system so it will respond quickly. here are some advance features of Harpa AI.

Here are some examples of things that HARPA AI can do:

  • Answer your questions: If you have a question about anything, you can ask HARPA AI and it will try to answer it.
  • Summarize web pages: If you find a web page that is too long to read, HARPA AI can summarize it for you.
  • Track prices of products: If you are looking to buy a product, HARPA AI can track the price of that product for you and let you know when it goes on sale.
  • Harpa Ai can search on google to write the answer of the query. but chatgpt can’t do it.
  • harpa Ai have inbuild prompt, so we don’t need to give them right command. only select the prompt, and it will do for you.
  • Harpa Ai can read the page on real time so that can give us the updated data.
  • it is totally free(till now).
  • this tool can extract the important part or summery of a YouTube video.
  • check the price history of any product.
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How to setup harpa Ai

harpa Ai is the simplest ai tool that don’t even required the sign-up process. you only need to install there extension and use it. follow these step to setup the Harpa AI.

Step 1. Go to Chrome web story and search for harpa ai.

Step 2. Search for harpa Ai or you can simply follow this link to download Harpa Ai.

Step 3. Download and install the extension.

Harpa Ai tutorial | Advance Usage of Harpa AI 2023
Harpa Ai

Step 4. start using the harpa AI.

Harpa AI have lots of inbuild prompt you can check that prompt on the use case section of Harpa AI.

How to launch Harpa Ai

If you want to launch this tool then you can follow two steps. and both steps have different use case. first you need to install that extension and then visit any website you want to scan. you can also visit any kind of social media site. this ai tool can also give you respond. follow these steps to launch the harpa Ai

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Alt + A : – If you press Alt + A on keyboard then it will automatically launch. but there is another way to launch this ai tool.

Select the paragraph :- If you select any part of the site then you can see a popup at the bottom part of the window 

Harpa Ai tutorial | Advance Usage of Harpa AI 2023

Then click on popup and the harpa ai will launch. now you can use this ai tool.

different between both process is that first one is used for a whole page and if you press Alt + A then the harpa ai scan the whole page give you respond accordingly. but at the same time you select a particular part of a page then it it will respond accordingly.

How to use harpa Ai

when we use chatgpt then we required some prompt and according to our prompt we will get respond but at the same time harpa ai already have inbuild prompt, so we only need to select the prompt and it will give the output of our prompt.

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to use harpa ai press Alt + A and you will get a popup like this.

Harpa Ai tutorial | Advance Usage of Harpa AI 2023

Here you can see an option called write a question, here you need to enter “/” (backslash). and you can see the inbuild prompt like this. 

Harpa Ai tutorial | Advance Usage of Harpa AI 2023

Now select the prompt according to your requirement and the Harpa Ai will do the rest of the work.

for example I want to write a short summery of my article How to start AI business.

I will right Summery .

Click on first prompt and it will do the rest of the work. like this…

Here you can see the harpa Ai generated the summery of that particular Article.


Harpa Ai have a lot’s of features but you need to understand that AI is not perfect at all so don’t rely completely on it you must check it manually to minimize the error. at the end harpa Ai is only work for the website or online platform so chatgpt will give you the best result if you know how to write right prompt.

Harpa Ai have a lot of undiscovered features. so if you want to explore them you need to spend time. use harpa Ai for summarize the article and use according to your requirement.

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