What is AIPRM [JUNE 2023]

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If you are using the chatgpt then you probably know about the aiprm but if you don’t know that What is AIPRM and how to use it then you can check this article for more information related to the AIPRM. 

What is AIPRM ?

AIPRM is a chrome extension that allow us to use the prebuild prompt of the chatgpt. AIPRM is also work as prompt marketplace where you can sell your prompt and you can also use there public prompt for free. 

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So, the AIPRM is a prompt marketplace that allow user to take leverage the prebuild prompt from there marketplace. AIPRM is a Extension that only work with chatgpt until now. simply install that plugin and start the using chatgpt you will find a new interface of prebuild prompt.

AIPRM Full form

AIPRM stands for Artificial Intelligence-Powered Response Manager. It is a technology that uses AI to power chatbots, allowing them to interact with users in a more human-like way.

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Type of AIPRM extension prompt’s.

there are two type of prompt available at AIPRM.

1. Free Prompt or Public Prompt.

If you want to use the free prompt of AIPRM then you can simply install the plugin and then complete the signup process of AIPRM extension now you can use the public prompt for free. just check the ChatGPT homepage and you will see a new interface. if your unable to see the new interface then try refresh the tab and now you can see the new interface with prompt.

2. Pro Prompt for Chatgpt.

If you want to use the premium prompt then you can go with the premium plan of the AIPRM and connect with the chatgpt. now you can use the premium prompt of the Chatgpt. 

There are a lot of prompt available on the premium version of the AIPRM but you need to understand that AIPRM premium version allow us to excess a lot of premium prompt but it’s up to you that how you want to use that.

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