Use AIPRM for chatgpt For Free JUNE 2023

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[ AIPRM for chatgpt ] Chatgpt user need to insert the right prompt for the best result. so the best prompt is most important factor to get the best possible result. if we want to use the same prompt again then we need to rewrite that prompt and if we want to provide the same prompt to others then it will become more complicated.

Here you can use the AIPRM to use a lot of prebuild prompt and share your own prompt publicly. you can also sell you your prompt using AIPRM.

AIPRM extension for chatgpt.

AIPRM is a chrome extension that allow us to use free prompt from the AIPRM extension marketplace. this extension allow us to generate the best possible result. if you want to know more then check the article What is AIPRM [JUNE 2023]

How to use AIPRM for chatgpt for free

If you want to use the AIPRM for chatgpt for free then you can follow the following steps to get the AIPRM for chatgpt for free and use it.

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1. Download AIPRM for chatgpt

If you don’t know How to download AIPRM for chatgpt. the first step to use the AIPRM for chatgpt is that you need to download the AIPRM extension for chatgpt. 

To download the AIPRM extension for chatgpt follow these steps.

  • visit to the official site of Google web store.
  • Search for AIPRM for chatgpt.
Use AIPRM for chatgpt For Free JUNE 2023
  • Click on the AIPRM for chatgpt. (Check the site name – must be
  •  Now click on Add to Chrome.
  • The extension will downloaded and installed into your browser.

2. Setup AIPRM for chatgpt extension.

The second step to setup the extension as are follow.

After installing the extension the new tab will automatically open. if the tab will not open then you can manually click on the AIPRM for chatgpt extension on the top right corner.

Now the official site of AIPRM for chatgpt extension will open. click on sign up and fill the required details.

that it!

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3. Use AIPRM for chatgpt extension

the last step to use this extension is super simple. visit to the ChatGPT site. and you will see the new interface on the homepage.

Here you can see a lot of prebuild prompt, so click one of them which one you want to use.

Use AIPRM for chatgpt For Free JUNE 2023

Now fill the Massage Area according to the prompt. and click on the Arrow Sign or press Enter.

4. Sell you prompt on AIPRM for chatgpt Marketplace.

If you want to make money online using the AIPRM for chatgpt. then you can sell your own prompt on on the AIPRM for chatgpt and start earning today.

the selling process for prompt on AIPRM for chatgpt is super simple. I have created a blog post on how to sell your prompt on the AIPRM for chatgpt. follow that article and start earning today.



AIPRM is a powerful chrome extension that enhances the functionality of ChatGPT by providing access to a wide range of pre-built prompts.

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By following the steps outlined in this guide, users can utilize AIPRM for free and generate high-quality responses for their inquiries. Additionally, the AIPRM marketplace allows individuals to monetize their prompt creations and contribute to the community of ChatGPT users.

Explore the potential of AIPRM and enjoy the benefits it offers in facilitating natural language conversations.