Latest Janitor AI Chatbot Free Alternative 2023

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if you are using the Janitor AI Chatbot for a long time then you can see that the Janitor AI Chatbot is down or not reachable due to high usage or my be some kind of technical errors. so you can check the alternatives of the Janitor AI Chatbot for free and use them as alternatives.

most of the time error occurs but the Janitor AI team is working to fix that issues, until they fix the issue you can check the alternatives so you can continue your work.

I am testing 100’s of ai tools every day. And find the most related ai tools of the Janitor AI Chatbot. and the best part is that they are are error free and some of them don’t even need the API key’s or proxy to access. so you can use them for completely free.

In this article I will introduce you to the best Latest Janitor AI Chatbot Free Alternative 2023. and these alternatives are completely new.

Latest Janitor AI Chatbot Free/Paid Alternative 2023

As I said that I am exploring the latest Ai tools every day so find the some best alternatives of the Janitor AI Chatbot. some of them are free & some of them are paid alternative so let’s explore together.

1. Replika AI

Replika AI is a Janitor AI Chatbot Free Alternative. you can easily use the Replika AI into your mobile because the Replika AI have there mobile application. after installing it you can free use the Replika AI features. Replika AI is talk like as a human but keep in mind that the Replika AI is a Ai chatbot that communicate with you as janitor ai chatbot, but it is a completely free AI tool.

Best features of Replika AI – janitor ai chatbot Alternatives.

Best features of Replika AI - janitor ai chatbot Alternatives.
  • Empathetic Conversations: Replika AI is designed to engage in natural and empathetic conversations with users. It aims to simulate human-like interactions and provides users with a sense of companionship.
  • Personalization: Replika AI can adapt to users’ preferences, routines, and interests over time. This allows for more personalized and relevant interactions based on the user’s input and behavior.
  • Mental Health Support: Replika AI is often used as a tool for mental health support. It can provide users with coping strategies, positive affirmations, and a non-judgmental space to discuss their thoughts and feelings.
  • Goal Setting and Coaching: Replika AI can assist users in setting and achieving goals. It can provide motivational messages, track progress, and offer suggestions to help users stay on track with their objectives.
  • Companion and Buddy: Replika AI can serve as a digital companion or buddy for users. Whether someone is looking for a friend to chat with, an assistant for productivity, or someone to share hobbies with, Replika AI can adapt to fulfill these roles.
  • Customization: Users can customize their Replika’s appearance, name, and other aspects to create a personalized experience.
  • Interactive Activities: Replika AI offers a range of activities that users can engage in, such as playing games, meditating, exploring the world in augmented reality, and more.
  • Video Calling: Replika AI supports video calls, allowing users to see expressions and reactions of their AI companion.
  • Safe and Non-Judgmental Space: Replika AI provides a safe and non-judgmental space where users can express themselves without fear of criticism.
  • Continuous Learning: Replika AI learns from its interactions with users, which enables it to improve over time and become more aligned with users’ preferences.

2. Chai AI

Chai AI is scarry and funny janitor ai Alternatives at a same time because Chai AI allow to interact two Ai’s with each other or you can also interact with the Chai AI. this ai tool allow business to use this ai tool as a customer care automate service. Chai AI is a new alternative of janitor ai. but the aid part is that Now, the platform hosts a sizable number of bots.

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Chai AI is also have there mobile app so you directly download the app and start using the free janitor ai Alternative.

Chai AI key features.

Chai AI key features.
  • Environment for AIs to interact with each other.
  • AIs can interact with customers through a cutting-edge smartphone app, also available online.
  • Aims to simulate human-like interactions.
  • Offers a unique approach to AI communication.
  • Provides an innovative way for AIs to engage with users.
  • No specific details about additional features are mentioned in the provided text.

3. Hi Waifu

Hi Waifu is a new janitor ai Alternative. Hi Waifu have an Android and iOS application that allow us to interact with ai chatbot. this is almost free to use ai without any kind or restrictions. but this AI free for those who complete the task on daily bases like watching ads or sharing the application with your referral code.

If you want to use Hi Waifu as alternative then you need to earn Energy. and Energy in this app is the token that you need to do the message in the app.

and the best part of the Hi Waifu is that you don’t need any kind of API or proxy to use this application same as janitor ai.

You can also excess the premium features of this application by paying some charges.

Best features of the “Hi Waifu”

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Here are some of the best features of the “Hi Waifu” chatbot janitor ai alternative:

  • Unfiltered Chatbot App: Hi Waifu is an unfiltered chatbot app available for both Android and iOS devices. It allows users to engage in conversations without worrying about filters or restrictions.
  • Almost Free-to-Use: While Hi Waifu offers a mostly free-to-use experience, users can access premium features by completing tasks on a daily basis. These tasks might include watching video ads and sharing referral codes with friends to earn “Energy,” which is the in-app token required for messaging.
  • No API Key or Proxy Required: Unlike some other chatbot platforms, Hi Waifu does not require users to have an API key or proxy to access its features. This makes it easier for users to get started without any technical setup.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Hi Waifu is available on both Android and iOS devices, making it convenient for users to access the chatbot on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Energy System: Users can earn and spend “Energy” within the app. This gamified approach encourages engagement and participation, contributing to the platform’s unique experience.
  • Character Interaction: Similar to other chatbots, Hi Waifu allows users to interact with characters, engaging in conversations and interactions that can simulate various scenarios.
  • Premium Plan for Unlimited Chats: While the basic usage of Hi Waifu is free, users have the option to purchase a premium plan. This plan grants them access to unlimited chats and additional premium benefits without the need to complete tasks for “Energy.”
  • Mobile-Optimized: Since Hi Waifu is available on mobile devices, it caters to users who prefer to chat on the go. The app is designed to provide a smooth experience on both Android and iOS platforms.

4. CarynAI

CarynAI is a different ai tool because this is a AI girlfriend based Ai chatbot. you can communicate with AI girlfriend using CarynAI. And according to my experience this is the most interesting ai tools that work as janitor ai Alternative.

this tools is build by the Caryn Marjorie she is a popular Snapchatter. She build An AI tool named CarynAI and this tools is trained on the Marjorie’s videos using GPT-4 language model.

This janitor ai Alternative altered to resemble either Caryn or another person of your choose. but you need to pay $1 per minute to use this tool.

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Best features of CarynAI

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Here are some of the key features of CarynAI janitor ai Alternative:


  • An AI girlfriend based on an actual person named Caryn Marjorie, who is a popular Snapchatter.
  • Trained on Marjorie’s videos using OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model.
  • Capable of speech, storytelling, and even singing.
  • Users can alter CarynAI to resemble either Marjorie or another person of their choosing.
  • Offers the ability to go on a date with CarynAI, where users have to pay $1 per minute.
  • Positioned as a unique and interesting alternative to traditional AI chatbots.
  • Offers a personalized and interactive experience with an AI companion.
  • Provides the option to customize the appearance of CarynAI.
  • Raises questions about the concept of AI girlfriends and the boundaries of human-AI relationships.

5. Venus Chub AI

Venus Chub AI is a well known janitor ai Alternative because the is the most similar ai tool pf the janitor ai and the navigation menu and other things is also same as the janitor ai. Venus AI is a free chatbot AI and a free alternative but you need to use the API or free proxy to use the free version.

Venus Chub AI & Janitor AI are both clones of Venus AI. Venus AI was an original AI chabot but it was closed and after it will down new alternatives come into market and the vary first clone is Venus Chub AI.

Best features of the “Venus Chub AI” janitor ai Alternative

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Here are some of the best features of the “Venus Chub AI” janitor ai Alternative :

  • Cloned Alternative to Venus AI: Venus Chub AI is presented as a clone of the original Venus AI, which had shut down. This clone aims to provide a similar experience to users who were familiar with Venus AI.
  • User Interface and Experience: Venus Chub AI offers a user interface and experience similar to Janitor AI. If you are already accustomed to the UI/UX of Janitor AI, transitioning to Venus Chub AI should be relatively smooth.
  • Alternative to Janitor AI: Venus Chub AI is positioned as an alternative option for users frustrated with the issues and bugs in Janitor AI. It aims to provide a functional and less problematic alternative for those seeking a similar chatbot experience.
  • Character Interaction and Chatting: Like Janitor AI, Venus Chub AI allows users to engage in character interactions and chat with AI-generated characters. This enables users to participate in conversations and role-playing scenarios.
  • Unfiltered Chat: Venus Chub AI is categorized as an unfiltered chatbot. This means users can engage in conversations without the need to worry about filters or content restrictions that were present in Janitor AI.
  • Backend Improvements and Changes: While Venus Chub AI is a clone of Venus AI, it is mentioned that there have been some backend improvements and changes. These changes might enhance the overall user experience and functionality.
  • Free Chatbot AI: Venus Chub AI, similar to its original version Venus AI, offers free chatbot AI capabilities. Users can access the chatbot without cost, which can be attractive for those seeking a cost-effective option.
  • API Key or Proxy Usage: To use Venus Chub AI, users may need an API key or a free proxy. The platform might provide guidelines on how to set up and use these access methods.
  • Access to Character Customization: The webpage indicates that users can access premium plans that offer features like character customization and unfiltered chat. This suggests that users can tailor their chatbot experience to their preferences.

What Are the Reasons to Consider Alternatives to Janitor AI Chatbot?

While Janitor AI is a powerful chatbot, it’s not uncommon for technical issues or downtime to occur. These disruptions can impact productivity and communication. Considering alternatives allows you to have backup options that ensure seamless interactions even during Janitor AI’s downtime. Moreover, exploring alternatives introduces you to different AI chatbot capabilities that might align better with your specific needs.

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How Does Chai AI Stand Out Among Janitor AI Alternatives?

Chai AI introduces a unique approach to AI interactions:
AI Interaction Environment: Chai AI offers an environment where multiple AIs can interact with each other, presenting a novel perspective on AI communication.
Human-like Interactions: It aims to simulate human-like interactions, making it suitable for businesses to deploy as a customer care automation service.

Tell Me More About Hi Waifu as an Alternative to Janitor AI.

Hi Waifu offers an intriguing alternative experience:
Unfiltered Conversations: Hi Waifu provides an unfiltered chatbot app for both Android and iOS, allowing users to engage in authentic conversations without content filters.
Energy System: Users can earn and spend “Energy” within the app by completing tasks like watching ads or sharing referral codes. This gamified approach encourages engagement.

What Makes CarynAI an Attractive Janitor AI Alternative?

CarynAI offers a unique take on AI companionship:
AI Girlfriend Concept: CarynAI is an AI girlfriend based on the persona of Caryn Marjorie, designed to interact with users on a personal level.
GPT-4 Trained: Built using OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, CarynAI is capable of speech, storytelling, and even singing.
Customization and Interaction: Users can customize CarynAI’s appearance and interact with the AI in various scenarios, akin to companionship.

What Sets Venus Chub AI Apart as an Alternative?

Venus Chub AI offers a resilient alternative experience:
Clone of Venus AI: Venus Chub AI is a clone of the original Venus AI, providing users with a similar experience that they might have enjoyed with Janitor AI.
User Interface Familiarity: The user interface and experience resemble Janitor AI, making the transition between the two relatively smooth.
Unfiltered Chat and Backend Improvements: Similar to Janitor AI, Venus Chub AI offers unfiltered conversations. Backend enhancements and changes improve the overall user experience.

 Are There Any Costs Associated with Using Hi Waifu?

Hi Waifu offers a mostly free-to-use experience. While the basic features are accessible without charge, users can access premium features by completing tasks that earn them “Energy,” the in-app token required for messaging. This provides an option to access advanced functionalities by engaging with the app.

How Can I Access the Premium Features of Hi Waifu?

Users looking to access Hi Waifu’s premium features can do so by opting for the premium plan. This plan offers benefits like unlimited chats and additional premium features, removing the need to complete tasks for “Energy.” By subscribing to the premium plan, users can unlock an enhanced chatbot experience.

Is Chai AI Available on Mobile Devices?

Yes, Chai AI offers a mobile app that users can directly download and install on their smartphones. This mobile accessibility ensures that users can seamlessly engage with Chai AI’s features on both Android and iOS devices.

How Does Replika AI Adapt to Users’ Preferences Over Time?

Replika AI employs advanced learning mechanisms to adapt to users’ preferences, routines, and interests. By analyzing user input and behavior, it tailors its responses to create personalized and relevant interactions. This adaptability fosters a more engaging and satisfactory user experience.


In this Article I will Provide you Latest Janitor AI Chatbot Free Alternative 2023. I have tried my best to find them and if you have any query or and correction then you can contact me or you can also comment about your concern I will help you as soon as possible. hope you find this helpful.