AIPRM Extension : Everything you need to know About AIPRM

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If you are a chatgpt user and you don’t even use the chrome extension called AIPRM Extension . then you need to know the power of AIPRM. AIPRM is a marketplaces for prompt that can be directly intigrated to the chatgpt. 

to generate the good quality of content we need a prompt that can communicate with the ai a generate the best possible result. but most of us don’t even know a single advance command or prompt to communicate with ai.

here aiprm take place and give the best prompt to generate the suitable result. 

AIPRM aims to make ChatGPT more accessible giving fans the perfect prompts to get the most out of OpenAI’s chatbot.

What is AIPRM

AIPRM Stand for Artificial Intelligence-Powered Response Manager is a chrome extension that allow us to use the pre build prompt from there marketplace.

the AIPRM only integrate with Chatgpt and the prebuild command only work with chatgpt because AIPRM is designed in that way so it can only connect with chatgpt.

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Artificial Intelligence-Powered Risk Management (AIPRM) refers to the integration of advanced artificial intelligence technologies into the risk management processes of organizations.

By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, and data analytics, AIPRM systems aim to identify, assess, and mitigate risks more efficiently and accurately.

These systems have the ability to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, providing valuable insights and enabling proactive risk management strategies.

How does AIPRM work?

Aiprm is a extension and it work as other extension the basic function of the aiprm is that after installing the extension the home page of the chatgpt will automatically change and prebuild prompt will appear in front of us so we can use that prompt to generate the desired result.

How to use AIPRM?

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Risk Management (AIPRM) is a chrome extension and only we need to download it and install in our browser. the basic steps to use Artificial Intelligence-Powered Risk Management (AIPRM) is as are follow.

  • Step. 1. Go to google web store or AIPRM (Artificial Intelligence-Powered Risk Management) official site and then click on download.
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Step. 1. Go to google web store or AIPRM (Artificial Intelligence-Powered Risk Management) official site and then click on download.
  • Step 2. Download the extension.
  • Step 3. Click extension option at the top right corner.
  • Step 4. Setup your AIPRM extension (like Signup, login)
  • Step 4. Open ChatGPT or refresh the chatgpt page.
AIPRM Extension : Everything you need to know About AIPRM [JUNE 2023]
  • Step 5. you will see a new interface of the ChatGPT.
  • Step 6. Use the required prompt.
  • Step 7. Insert keyword, title, word, script whatever you want according to the selected prompt. For example I want to generate the Midjourny Prompt so I click on the Midjourny Prompt Generator. so I need to describe the Image.
AIPRM Extension : Everything you need to know About AIPRM [JUNE 2023]
  • Step 8. You will get the desired result from ChatGPT.

Usage of AIPRM Extension.

There are a lot of use case of the AIPRM Extension some of them as are follow.

  • Use the prebuild prompt.
  • Create your own prompt and save it.
  • Make money from selling your own prompt on AIPRM.

Sell your prompt on AIPRM

Complete guide to Sell your prompt online for free on AIPRM and different Prompt Marketplaces.

Is AIPRM free?

Aiprm have both version (Paid or free). you can use according to your requirement. free version also have a lot of prompt. but the paid version have some advance command that don’t available. and the AIPRM offer the plus membership to use the paid prompt.

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In conclusion, AIPRM is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities. By providing pre-built prompts and integrating advanced AI technologies, AIPRM enables users to generate high-quality content and improve risk management processes.

With easy installation and a range of prompt options, AIPRM empowers users to optimize their interactions with ChatGPT and achieve desired results more effectively. Whether it’s content generation or risk mitigation, AIPRM offers a valuable tool for enhancing productivity and decision-making.

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