‘X’ Removed After Twitter’s Rebrand – Building Inspection Observations

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At Smart AI Money, we bring you the latest updates on business news, and today, we delve into a significant development concerning Twitter’s former headquarters in San Francisco. Recently, a new illuminated “X” sign was installed atop the building as part of the company’s rebranding efforts.

However, this sign has now been removed following a notice of violation issued by the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection.

In this article, we’ll explore the details of the situation, the concerns raised, and the implications for the property owner and Twitter.

The Dismantling of the ‘X’ Sign

Officials from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection made an observation on Monday morning, witnessing the dismantling of the new “X” sign that adorned the building formerly known as Twitter’s headquarters. This action was taken in response to a notice of violation (NOV) issued on Friday, after it was discovered that the sign had been installed without the necessary permit.

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Concerns Raised

The installation of the “X” sign drew considerable attention, with 24 complaints received by the Department of Building Inspection and City Planning. These complaints highlighted several concerns, including issues related to the structural safety of the sign and its illumination.

The safety of any additions to buildings is of paramount importance, and it appears that these concerns were significant enough to prompt swift action from the authorities.

Safety and Permits

Patrick Hannan, the spokesperson for the Department of Building Inspection, emphasized the importance of obtaining proper permits before installing such structures.

He noted that while a building permit is required for the removal of the structure, due to safety concerns, the permit can be secured after the structure has been taken down. This emphasizes the need for businesses and property owners to adhere to building regulations and ensure the safety of their installations.

Financial Implications

The property owner responsible for the installation of the illuminated “X” sign will not only bear the costs of the building permits for its installation and removal but will also be liable for covering the expenses incurred during the investigation conducted by the Department of Building Inspection and the Planning Department. Compliance with building regulations is not only essential for safety but also crucial to avoid financial penalties and other liabilities.

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Twitter’s Response

As this situation unfolds, CNN has reached out to the company formerly known as Twitter for comment on the matter. Twitter’s response and actions following this incident will undoubtedly be closely monitored by the public, investors, and regulatory authorities.


In conclusion, the removal of the illuminated “X” sign from Twitter’s former headquarters serves as a reminder to businesses and property owners about the importance of adhering to building regulations and obtaining the necessary permits for installations. Safety concerns must never be overlooked, and compliance with these regulations is crucial for avoiding penalties and maintaining a positive reputation in the community.

At Smart AI Money, we will continue to keep you updated on this developing story and other business news. Stay informed and stay ahead with Smart AI Money – your trusted source for business insights and updates.