AI-powered travel assistant touted as most powerful ever

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Smart Ai – Revolutionizing Travel Planning with the Most Powerful AI-Powered Travel Assistant


In the fast-paced world of travel, efficiency and personalized experiences have become paramount. Today, we at Smart Ai are proud to introduce our groundbreaking AI-powered travel assistant, Abhi, which is set to revolutionize the way travelers plan their trips.

Abhi, developed by our travel technology company, Mondee, is more than just a chatbot; it’s a sophisticated travel planning tool powered by multiple AI engines, including ChatGPT from OpenAI, Google’s Bard, and IBM’s Watson. In this article, we will delve into the capabilities of Abhi and how it is poised to become the most powerful AI travel planning assistant in the industry.

The Unveiling of Abhi

Abhi comes to the forefront as the culmination of years of development and innovation. Recently introduced alongside the one-year anniversary of Mondee going public on Nasdaq, Abhi is the ultimate travel companion that can generate fully bookable travel itineraries within the Mondee Marketplace, setting a new standard in the travel industry. Our Austin, Texas-based company takes pride in presenting a tool that combines generative AI, deep learning, computer vision, and a recommendation engine to create a comprehensive travel planning solution.

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The Power of Abhi

Abhi’s capabilities extend far beyond just providing run-of-the-mill travel suggestions. It can engage in meaningful conversations, understand complex queries, and offer comprehensive responses, making it feel more like interacting with a travel expert than a chatbot. With its intuitive grasp of travelers’ preferences, Abhi creates personalized travel guides that cater to individual interests and needs, ensuring a seamless and tailored travel experience.

A Virtual Launch Event to Remember

During a virtual launch event, our founder, Chairman, and CEO, Prasad Gundumogula, showcased Abhi’s prowess by demonstrating real-life travel scenarios. Asking Abhi for the trendiest beach club in Greece for a music-loving traveler in her 30s, the chatbot quickly recommended the hip Paradiso club on the stunning island of Mykonos. Additionally, when prompted for a five-day itinerary on Mykonos, Abhi presented a well-curated selection of attractions, activities, flights, and hotel options, proving its ability to generate comprehensive and personalized plans.

Real-Time Guidance and Expert Assistance

At Smart Ai, we understand that some travelers seek unique experiences or need assistance with special events like weddings or conferences. Abhi is up to the task and can connect travelers with local experts in their destinations to provide real-time guidance. For instance, if a traveler is planning an important event like a wedding in Paris, Abhi can help in finding a specialized expert or the perfect venue, elevating the planning process to a whole new level.

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The First Fully-Integrated AI Platform

Abhi is not just a chatbot but a fully-integrated AI platform. Our Vice Chairman and Chief Corporate Strategy and Business Development Officer, Orestes Fintiklis, proudly stated that Abhi is the first AI travel planning assistant capable of making actual bookings, producing customized, day-by-day travel guides, and offering a level of personalization that was previously unheard of in the travel industry.

A Wealth of Data and Connectivity

Our advantage at Smart Ai lies not only in pioneering technology but also in our vast data resources. With over 50 million searches per day on our platform and a network of more than 65,000 travel experts, our AI has access to invaluable data that empowers it to continuously evolve, learn, and become even more powerful over time. The combination of data and connectivity within our ecosystem sets Abhi apart and ensures that it stays ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of travel.

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The Mondee Marketplace – A Global Network

Mondee, with Abhi as its flagship AI-powered planning tool, has established a formidable global network in the travel industry. Our platform boasts over 500 airline partners, more than 1 million hotels and rentals, and over 50 cruise lines, offering booking options for travel experts, influencers, and individual travelers alike. We take pride in coordinating group travel for organizations and providing travel content in approximately 20 languages, catering to a diverse and global clientele.


In conclusion, Smart Ai’s revolutionary AI-powered travel assistant, Abhi, is set to redefine travel planning with its unmatched capabilities. By combining cutting-edge AI technologies and a wealth of data resources, Abhi offers travelers personalized, seamless, and fully-integrated travel experiences. At Smart Ai, we are committed to enhancing the way travelers explore the world, making travel planning effortless, and delivering unforgettable journeys. With Abhi leading the way, the future of travel planning is here, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.